ANTO is an online art platform that creates events that fuse art with trend brands and high-end decoration stores.


ANTO The new concept of Art. Anthology of dreams, of illusions, of letters, of mysteries that hide behind overwhelming brushes, of hands that sculpt, of looks that break.


ANTO wants to enter in the decoration stores of the most prestigious firms, in the most luxurious hotels and combine Art y Design. It is a formula since it has worked for years, but in most cases the art that is presented comes from wholesale companies and without added value. Nosotros queremos igualar ambas disciplinas para ofrecer Unique and exclusive spaces, with personality.

Art and Design in events with
prestigious firms


Ar event with Marco Maseda

This new creative nursery is looking for artists with a soul, capable of crying, dying and being reborn through their works. Artists who, as Picasso said, “continue to look with the eyes of a child”. In our portfolio we already have national and international creators and soon more will join the ANTO family.
The artist, has to be an ambassador of his own brand and image within our platform, he has to feel free to create, flow and incorporate whatever he needs to show and say to the world. For this reason, the selection of artists will be very careful and everyone will have their space. We want them to paint live, to be in contact with the buyers, to explain to them what they feel; because a work is much more than what the eyes let you see.


ANTO premiered this June 2022 in Madrid with the project “Maseda, art, light and paper” where the works from the Taurus de Maseda collection They have paired perfectly with the design of the Glamora firms (wallpaper), Zennio (home automation) and B.lux (lighting), companies, all of them leading companies in their respective sectors. ANTO plans to intervene in new events each year with different artists and brands with the aim that this symbiosis between art culture and design is established as the best way to enhance the brand image and its emotional projection for its target audience, followers and potential customers.

Events of art, design and firms