The New Art Concept

ANTO, Anthology of emotions


ANTO the New Art Concept Anthology of dreams, of illusions, of letters, of mysteries that hide behind overwhelming brushes, of hands that sculpt, of looks that break.

Juan De Toro, a lover of art and poetry, and Annabel Lleonart, a businesswoman and hotelier, decide to enter this new project, where an art gallery is not only a painting or a sculpture, but also the idea of ​​transmitting the anthology of emotions that cannot be described.

With this project, artists with a soul capable of crying, dying and being reborn through their works are sought. Bring them closer to the public and experience their emotions with them.

This new concept is born full of enthusiasm, strength and energy accompanied by great friends and artists who continue to look with the eyes of a child. 

“all children are born artists, the problem is how to continue being an artist when growing up” Pablo Picasso


Av Francesc Macià 300
Granollers, Barcelona O8401, SPAIN
(+34) 660 06 49 77