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Emilio Cárenas


Emilio Cárdenas (Valencia, 1985), is a self-taught painter whose sensitivity and technique have led him to occupy a relevant place among the Spanish watercolorists with greater international projection. Although he touches all the pictorial techniques, he is gaining great recognition with his watercolor works where he stands out for being a creator of emotions and sensations through the expressive force of his themes and the use of color.

Emilio presents us with a fundamentally landscape work that borders on abstraction, with a predominant interest in atmospheres and transparencies, and the play of light and shadow. The watercolor of this artist establishes a difference with respect to the more academic classicism to enter a more contemporary and unusual type of art within this technique in Spain.

He has accumulated more than 80 national painting awards and, in addition to his more introspective work and research in his studio, he shares his knowledge in different workshops throughout Spain.


Av Francesc Macià 300
Granollers, Barcelona O8401, SPAIN
(+34) 660 06 49 77