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Miguel Oñate


Miguel Oñate is an interdisciplinary artist who moves between abstraction and figurative painting. He lives and works in Mislata, Valencia, where he has his studio.

He has a degree in Fine Arts, San Carlos. UPV, Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Like the surrealists, Oñate goes beyond the realm of reality, creating dream worlds that seek to enhance the viewer’s imagination.

In his painting, chromaticism and the use of a great variety of techniques is the first thing that is perceived, but he is more interested in delving into how space is structured at a drawing level.

He fully explores the limits of visual arts and states: “I am combining different techniques and disciplines and confronting opposites: order and chaos, strength and weakness, birth and destruction” In this way, I always find new material with the one to work. I am incorporating structures that are expanding, sometimes geometric and other organic that will articulate with each other creating imaginary worlds. In this way, it questions the unique and unidirectional thought, inviting the viewer to reflect and participate in the interpretation of the work, even if it is in an interrogative mode.

He is the holder of important painting prizes and works with several Spanish and international galleries in France, Germany and the USA.

His work is in numerous private collections and in museums such as the MEAM in Barcelona, ​​the Infanta Elena de Tomelloso Museum in Ciudad Real or the Municipal Museum in Albacete, among others.


Av Francesc Macià 300
Granollers, Barcelona O8401, SPAIN
(+34) 660 06 49 77